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Speaking Engagements
      Interactive Parenting Classes 

This interactive class will have you laughing and learning, as we explore how to create a "Character Covenant" that works for your family. This guide will assist you and your children in taming the tantrums and bring harmony to the home. 


"Ms. Dez, you are amazing. Thank you so much for the AWESOME teaching tonight. I feel like a weight was lifted as I hit the 'reset button!' "   

                                                         Paige Wojtowicz, Evan & Ella's mom 

      Teacher Training Workshops

Whether it's a weekend getaway or an in-house event, workshops are customized to fit your organizations specific needs. You can bet  every event will be engaging and entertaining, as you fill your "teacher toolbox" with loads of great hands-on ideas.


"Thank you for making the class so FUN and ENGAGING! You were so inspirational and passionate that it was just infectious! We couldn't wait to get back and start implementing your ideas!

                      Julie Wright, Early Childhood Education Director, CEC



            Motivational Speaking Events
Every engagement, every group, every time is different. The way I approach is always the same – make it relevant and share from the heart. So, what do you want to talk about? 


"You gave us a lot of great things to be better parents, but personally all your advice was great not only to be a better mommy but a better wife. So much of what you said could perfectly be applied to marriage also. THANK YOU SO MUCH. We need to have you back for Ms. Dez part 2!"                                                                                                                                                                         Ana Dtz, MOPS mentor


"You reminded me to think in 'children' terms, like the words being like dirt when you say unkind things or stomping out your frustration like a dinosaur. You are the best! Love you, Dez."

                                                          Mandy Wiley Hedler,  Emma & Alyssa's mom 

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