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Let's Hear from the Experts...

"True character change and development always occurs from the inside out. This program, which embraces our highest values – honesty, respect, courage, personal responsibility, etc. – using a fun medium has my hearty stamp of approval!" 

Cathleen S. Martin, MSW, LCSW


"Every engagement with the Giggles n Groovin is a powerful learning experience with hands on activities that inspire children. I highly recommend adding this program in every school, everywhere!"                                                Vernita A. Jones-Martial, Principal of Trinity Christian School of Palm Beach Gardens

"Dez, I just love the way my students reiterate what you've taught them weekly. Hearing them share the lessons they've learned with not only their fellow classmates, but on the playground with others in great detail – truly magical!"

Kathy Smiley, teacher

Trinity Christian Preschool of PBG  


"Ms. Dez entered my life many years ago and began teaching her amazing, thought-provoking, empathy-building curriculum to help mold children's heartfelt character traits. The lessons are carefullly taught in an age-appropriate manner that is filled with fun, music, dance and movement. She empowers young children with love and grace. Children adore her and easily recall the life lessons she continues to plant in their hearts. If you ever have a issue in your child's life, please ask your child, "What would Ms. Dez have to say about this?' "

Lynne Curry Vernacchio, teacher

Wellington Little Place 

   Happy Parents

"Phillip loves coming to your class each week. It's the highlight of his Monday! Great job!"

           Dean Xenick


"You are such a blessing! I could fill your page with stories I have of Luci and Jack reiterating what they have learned with Ms. Dez, but my favorite is Peace! Bee-e-e-e still ! Puts the craziest moments at rest and to hear them say it is priceless." 

      Nicole Dee Roesch


​“How can I get you to add another school to your schedule? Jackson will miss you tremendously this year." ​

           Rachel DeMay


"Ms. Dez rocks! Sophia loves you almost as much as she loves Mommy... sometimes more when she's in trouble."


Tantayanondgul Kerns


"I want to tell you what a great job you are doing with my daughter, Zoe, from Imagination Station. She LOVES your class and talks about it all the time at home. Thank you for your caring ways."

          Debbie Zuloaga

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